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Jade is a fascinating gemstone, with very special significance for some 7000 years. It is esteemed more highly than gold in many cultures. Jade has been used for weapons as well as the finest carved objects. The luster of Xiu (siu') Jade, the delicate violet Jade, along with the beautiful deep green Jade play an important role in gemstone therapy. It is said to stimulate creativity and mental agility while also having a balancing harmonizing effect. This beautiful gemstone brings us joy, vivacity, and happiness all at the same time.

Burmese Jade - Imperial Green
US$ 99.95
Burmese ( Myanmar) The Imperial green Jade is the most highly valued Jade color. Known as Heaven's stone, particularly popular is the belief that Jade can predict the stages of ones life. Since the days of Burmese kings, foreign traders and merchants have been drawn by the superb Myanmar Jade gems.

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Burmese Jade Lavender
US$ 99.95
Burmese (Myanmar) lavender Jade is half Jadeite and half aguite. The delicate lavender Jade is defined by it's "vitures" tremendous toughness, high translucence and the ability to take a high polish.

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Chinese Xiu Jade
US$ 59.95
Chinese Xiu Jade. For the Chinese there is a terrestrial bridge between heaven and hell. The antiquity of Xiu Jade contributes an aura of eternity to the gem. The history stretches back thousands of years.

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