Our mission is to help raise the quality of life of our co-humans through humor, awareness, and understanding.

The name “Happy Thoughts” comes from a synthesis of analogies:
Each of us is born with a little bag of time… it has a hole in the bottom and some time is always leaking out. Some of us spend it faster than do others, but when the bag is empty, your life is over. If we add up all of the moments in life and divide them into good moments and bad moments, the life with the greater number of good moments was a good life.

We really don’t have much choice in our lives. We might think we have much choice, but when we really stop and look at it, our choices are influenced by; our families, friends, our jobs, health, financial station as well as a variety of other limitations. Our obligations and responsibilities more often than not govern our choices. We are much like corks at sea, a victim of wind and waves as we travel through our lives. However, we always have one choice, that of attitude.

We can think of a happy thought, which often leads to another happy thought… and a chain of happy thoughts leads to a good day and perhaps a good life. Or we can think of a negative thought, leading to another negative thought and more often than not, a negative day.

When we are living close to our “center” appreciation and enjoyment are at their highest level. It is a very comfortable state of mind to be in, and one most of us would prefer to be in given the choice. Sometimes we are “knocked off-center” because of the problems and frustrations of daily life… and negative moments add up. A thought or word can “trigger” us into a better state of mind. At Happy Thoughts, we try to create those “triggers.” Whether it be a piece of Jewelry, a T-shirt, refrigerator magnet, or other quality products, the goal is to improve one’s “attitude” and quality-of-life time.

“Appreciate each moment of the lifetime that you get and strive always to think Happy Thoughts.

We appreciate your interest in Happy Thoughts! Make it a good day!

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